Jaya janaki Nayaka - Complete Family Entertainer

The Great Director "Boyapati Srinu's" movie Jaya Janaki Nayaka hits the screens all over the world.Bellamkonda Srinivas Plays his role perfectly in  powerful attitude.
Tamil Superstar "Sarath Kumar" Plays a father role take the movie into an another level.
Heroine "Rakul Preet Singh" attracts the audience by her charm. Nandu nailed a perfect brother role for hero "Bellamkonda Srinivas".

PLUS POINTS : Srinivas and Rakul's  pure love story takes the movie to new level. Their caring for family, love towards people, leads to perfect picture.It attracts the audience by their eternal love towards family.Relation between Father &Sons was friendly natured and they live together anywhere by showing love.

                 DSP Music was extraordinary with terrific background scores.When Hearing a Veede Veede song,it gives goosebumps completely.All songs perfectly scored well to change everyone's mood to listen again.
Pragyajaiswal done her role in a stylish and sexy, always supportive to hero.

 Jagapathibabu and TarunArora plays a Villain role.He never give up on his pride and ready to kill anyone by coming to his pride situation.TarunArora also never giveup attire when coming to his pride by killing everyone.
 Secondhalf Fightings grabs the audience by overlap with whistles,claps.Hamsaladevi fight was highlight for movie.Father and Brother came suddenly to save heroine at a right situation and the scene gets Goosebumps.

Then Hero and Heroine romantically move each other.Finally villains jagapathibabu and Tarun gets combined to kill Srinivas Family to bring Rakul from them.Hero's Father and Brother was attacked severely.
At the End,Hero fights with villains and kills Tarun and Jagapathibabu.Movie ends with Happy Ending.

Cast         : Bellamkonda Srinivas, Sarathkumar, Nandu, Rakulpreetsingh, Pragyajaiswal.
Music      : Devisriprasad.
Singers    : Prudhvichandra, Manasa, Hemachandra,Sravana bhargavi, Swethamohan,Mamta sharma.
Producer :  M Ravinder Reddy
Director  :  Boyapati Srinu
Rating    :  3/5